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Bohman Brothers Present: Steve Beresford / Sharon Gal, Steve Noble / Alan Wilkinson

Posted November 3, 2006

Sharon Gal at the BAC

It was great to finally be able to get back to one of the Bohman Brothers’ improv nights, this Wednesday; the last time I went to one of these things, they were still in the loft-space in Bonnigton Square (Vauxhall), but they’ve now moved to the Battersea Arts Centre, just outside Clapham Junction… Which is good, because it means cheap return tickets in and out of Guildford :) Plus there’s a handy bar downstairs (although the room itself is a little tight).

Tonight was two duos: Steve Beresford (piano) + Sharon Gal (voice), and Steve Noble (percussion) + Alan Wilkinson (saxes). Both did two sets of single improvisational pieces.

Sharon Gal at the BAC The Beresford / Gal thing was cool (see post image); Beresford is about the only european free-improvising pianist that I really honestly like; he’s always full of cool ideas, knows when to shut up, and really tight across the keys. Although this was actually the first time I’d seen him without Evan Parker :/ Gal was pretty funky… Vocals never really turn me on, but this was pretty cool.

The Noble / Wilkinson duo was really fantastic; the screaming lines were extra awesome in the confines of the tight performance space, right up close. I had forgotten that I still have an Emanem CD of theirs (Free Base) that I’d never really got round to listening to, properly… That’s now sitting in my CD drawer ready for a good opportunity…

If you’ve never been to one of these gigs, and you’re in the area and able to, it’s well worth it. It’s only a fiver to get in, the audience is tiny (less than a dozen people) yet the music is so great. Adam Bohman was seemingly worried that there weren’t many people there, in the audience, that night… Hopefully that doesn’t mean it’s dwindling away towards a point of non-viability?

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