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Bohman Brothers Present, 2-May-07 — David Leahy, Jamie McCarthy, Angeline Conaghan, and others…

Posted May 4, 2007

Battersea Arts Centre

A nice Bohman Brothers Present (at Battersea Arts Centre), with three groups… And I might be dropping myself in it, since I ended up the last (only) member of the audience still standing. First:

David Leahy, Jamie McCarthy, Angeline Conaghan
I really liked this… Conaghan (myspace) sang some pretty intense vocals; the odd piece of fragmented song-line, the rest: sort of long vibrating throaty tones, sounding like some unknown language, cut-and-spliced, mashed up; wrong; great. Not just scatting! David Leahy (myspace) played nice bass, getting quite manic in places, and pretty exciting. Jamie McCarthy (myspace, and as doghead) played some nice bluesy*-sounding violin, and sang along a bit as well. It was an interesting coming together of styles – the bass, the rootsy violin, and the broken-operatic voice; quite nice! (* Probably not bluesy; American of some description, I’ll think of the right word later…)

Steve Beresford and Satoko Fukuda
Satoko Fukuda was also playing violin, making some rich, wide sounds. Steve Beresford was as genius as ever, playing inside and outside of his piano, using it as a complete instrument and pulling out every possible sound… and not even dropping a beat as he pulled out a screwdriver to fix some troublesome fixture inside the piano cabinet… Someone said that it’s often difficult for strings and piano to come together, but I thought it worked really well and it sounded pretty special (whatever I know). Fukuda apparently has a CD in the Emanem pipeline (with Veryan Weston and Hannah Marshall)… I’ll have to keep an eye out!…

Adam Bohman, Adrian Northover, and David Leahy
David Leahy stood in to replace an incapacitated Dave Tucker (who would have been playing guitar); Northover played some shreaking lines on alto and soprano saxes; Leahy had fun in the back, while Adam Bohman clamped contact mikes to pieces of junk (see here), bowing, beating, plucking wires, strings, springs, light bulbs, forks, table boards… Sometime I should get round to writing about Reality Fandango, his acoustic duo recordings with Roger Smith, which is awesome. I just found this Adam Bohman solo CD, which looks cool; the mp3 link on that page gives a perfect representation of the mad humour there is in everything he seems to do. I hope it’s not rude to start laughing…

PS. The next Bohman Brothers Present is next Thursday (against normal practise, which would have made it a week next Wednesday), supposedly featuring Ingrid Laubrock playing the music of Steve Lacy?!?

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