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Service Interruption

Posted August 23, 2007

I suppose I had better come clean and admit that I’m falling behind with the blog postage…

Apart from Ingrid Laubrock/Tom Rainey at the Vortex last week (which was pretty fine!), I haven’t really been to see very much lately. A (slightly more) regular blogging service will hopefully resume sometime in September (once I’ve got over my holiday, some money in my back pocket, and I can get a hold of my work commitments!).

Until then, cheers for reading…

WordPress Broken

Posted July 28, 2007

I have recently tried to move my blog to a new server… and upgrade the software… and now everything is broken.

Please let me know if you notice anything not working properly (comments failing, in particular). Please let me know directly, at Cheers!

Update: 28-7-2006 01:06
Now fixed: here’s some boring geekery that will hopefully show up in search engines and help others with the same problem…

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State of Off Minor

Posted June 27, 2007

So: a small fiddle with the site layout, and a bit of tweaking here and there… Hopefully a bit easier to read, particularly for those on small monitors.

Apologies for the lack of worthwhile postage recently; juggling a PhD and a blog that no one reads can get tricky…