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Mopomoso, June 10th 2007

Posted June 13, 2007

Mopomoso June 10th 2007

Mopomoso » Henry Kaiser (guitar), Steve Beresford (electronics), Lol Coxhill (saxophone), Satoko Fukuda (violin), John Russell (guitar), Roger Turner (percussion), Hannah Marshall (cello) «

A specially assembled Mopomoso, at the Red Rose, this weekend (extra to the usual third Sunday of the month) in order to feature the visiting US guitarist Henry Kaiser… I also went along to see Sakoto Fukuda, again; I’ve only seen her once before, but she’s apparently this blog’s second most-popular referring google search term (thanks, Sakoto Fukuda!).

Sakoto FakudaSakoto Fakuda

The evening opened with a John Russell + Henry Kaiser acoustic duet; twin plucking, scrabbling Bailey-esque lines that was pretty marvellous; but too short! Play longer!

Steve Beresford had a cool duet with Roger Turner; Beresford with electronics and toy stuff, Roger Turner on inventive percussion… After seeing them both in succession at Boat-Ting once before (and not having seen Turner too much, at all), I had previously compared his playing to that of Steve Noble; he’s not so much playing a drum kit, but sort of pouring a box of metal spare parts out all over it, and then seeing what sort of noises he can create with the mess… Turner’s fantastic, although tonight my Noble comparison diverged; Turner played with a lot more space, whereas, whenever I’ve seen Noble, he’s seemed more forcefully full-on… Beresford’s electronic toy stuff is cool… At first a seemingly incongruous collection of noise making machines that all somehow come together… For the Turner duet, although there was no obvious dialogue taking place, everything still fit together perfectly, each sound (effect) colliding perfectly with the others…

John RussellJohn Russell

Elsewhere, there were a lot of strings attending: two guitars (John Russell sticking to acoustic throughout, Henry Kaiser moving to electric for everything except his duet); Hannah Marshall, cello, and Fukuda’s violin… so, as the small groups were divied up, it was all a little bit of a variation on a theme… But I felt like I wasn’t paying enough attention, and all the complex string textures all sort of blended the one into the other… For example, Russell (photo, above) played really nice movements, but I found it hard to pick up on all the detail he was obviously contributing; it looked like something where there’d be an improvement in having it on record, so that it’d be easier to dive in close to his delicate lines…

Hannah Marshall at Mopomoso Steve Beresford and Roger Turner at Mopomoso Mopomoso June 10th 2007 Henry Kaiser at Mopomoso

5 Responses to “Mopomoso, June 10th 2007”

Gravatarsteve beresford said:

#1 (on 23/2/2007 at 2:21 pm )

Very much enjoying your writing and thanks for your enthusiasm.
Do you need more suggestions of Derek Bailey records?

GravatarMatt said:

#2 (on 23/2/2007 at 7:30 pm )

Hi, thanks a lot,
Well I’ll always take recommendations, though maybe I have more right now than I know what to do with :)

PS. Do you mind with the posting of photos? I was trying to make the place look interesting, but was then thinking it might be dodgy since I never asked for anyone’s permission, etc…

Gravatarsteve beresford said:

#3 (on 23/2/2007 at 10:25 pm )

not dodgy at all. they look quite glamorous.

GravatarEmelie Salford said:

#4 (on 29/2/2007 at 12:21 am )

To the reader of this mail,

I am very keen to get in contact with Satoko Fukuda who once upon a time was my Japanese teacher. (I’m the Swedish artist living in Notting Hill). I would love to get in contact with her (but lost my mobile), as I am doing an art installation in London and would love to discuss posibilities of working together at the begining of 2008. Please let her know that I would like to get in contact. my details are email as above and my mobile number is: 0790 0040 134

Thank you very much for your help!

Best wishes,


Please pass on my details to Satoko

GravatarConny said:

#5 (on 19/2/2008 at 12:10 pm )

i see you’ve posted new photos. finally!:) good you started to work on it again. how’s the new camera doing? i did not know where to post this first but then remembered reading about them once.

what’s about new reviews?

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