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Evan Parker, et al. — A Glancing Blow

Posted July 30, 2007

Evan Parker - A Glancing Blow

A Glancing Blow, Clean Feed CF085 » Evan Parker (tenor/soprano sax), John Edwards (bass), Chris Corsano (drums) «

A sort of straight-forward Evan Parker trio set, I think recorded live at the Vortex. The first thirty minute piece: Parker sounds quite cool, fairly broody; someone (presumably Corsano) plays around with some sort of pipe, or disconnected mouthpiece, in parts, with Parker matching him there with an almost bagpipe drone. Parker also seems a bit, er, uncharacteristically melodic (which is nice). John Edwards plays a fairly forthright bassline throughout, with plenty of hard scraping, twanging and body-slapping. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually heard Corsano before, he sounds alright here, a bit like a more laid-back Paal Nilssen-Love. The second forty-five minute track is less compressed-together, with quite a lot more space. It’s also a little bit less of a melting pot, coming out more meditatively thoughtful.

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