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WordPress Broken

Posted July 28, 2007

I have recently tried to move my blog to a new server… and upgrade the software… and now everything is broken.

Please let me know if you notice anything not working properly (comments failing, in particular). Please let me know directly, at Cheers!

Update: 28-7-2006 01:06
Now fixed: here’s some boring geekery that will hopefully show up in search engines and help others with the same problem…

Problem: After moving my blog to a new webhosts, I have become unable to modify existing posts; trying to save post modifications causes post.php to redirect directly to the blog’s front page, with no changes saved.

Solution: According to this page, my problems are caused by my host enabling mod_security on my server, which blocks the post (http post) of data containing HTML (like that contained in my WordPress posts). This apache module can be turned off by creating a .htaccess in /wp-admin/ containing the line

SecFilterInheritance Off

Though, read the threads because I don’t really understand what mod_security is doing!

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