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Cecil Taylor, Anthony Braxton, again…

Posted July 15, 2007

Good to be able to listen to the Taylor/Braxton gig, again, now I’ve got two working ears… (You can listen to the Jazz on 3 broadcast via the BBC listen again player, or by the direct links in my previous post… The feed is available for the next seven days.) They broadcast one of the three Taylor/Oxley duos, and then the main quartet piece with Braxton… I had been a bit so-so about the duo pieces, on the night, but, being able to hear it properly, Taylor’s stuff sounded even better… The delicateness of his lines, much brighter. Although, at the same time, the clear recording seemed to make Oxley’s contribution less worthwhile, and, faintly distracting… I don’t know which of the three duo pieces they actually broadcast, but it was also interesting to realise that he was playing the same piece as formed the basis of his last performance, at the RFH, three years ago!…

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