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Earconnector celebrates Steve Lacy

Posted June 15, 2007

Evan Parker at Earconnector

Earconnector celebrates Steve Lacy at the Vortex, 14/6/07 » Hans Koller/Paul Clarvis duo (piano/drums); Evan Parker solo (soprano sax); Liam Noble/Christine Tobin (piano/vocals); Outhouse: Mark Hanslip/Robin Fincker/Jonny Brierly/Dave Smith + Jeanne «

Earconnector has a website with various audio downloads from various people (this evening will apparently be put up soon); I don’t know quite how far the enterprise extends, but I guess they’re some sort of promoting unit… Tonight at the Vortex: four groups playing music inspired by, and celebrating, the legacy of Steve Lacy…

Hans Koller (apparently the official Earconnector representative) played a short set with Paul Clarvis, then Evan Parker—maybe the artist tonight with the most personal Lacy connection?—played a sax solo bookended by sections from Lacy’s tune Hubris. Certainly impressive, but it would have been cool to hear him stretch out on the Hubris, more…

The last group, Outhouse, played some firey arrangements of Lacy tunes, and were cool when joined by vocalist Jeanne (she isn’t billed in the Vortex stuff, and Earconnector only gives her first name… is that it?). The highlight of the evening, for me though, was the third act: a Liam Noble, Christine Tobin duo, which was something of an ear-opener for me… Never knowingly listened to Tobin before, sticking to my tendancy to ignore most vocalists through default… But this short set was quite inspiring, actually… Out of the half-dozen pieces they performed, she said she only knew one specifically Steve Lacy tune (and I can’t remember what it was called), but it was quite beautiful really, and really evocative of what I’d regard as the Lacy sound, her voice seemingly directly channeling the tone of his saxophone, from another place… Great!

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