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Hi, this is me

Posted March 9, 2007

Hi, thanks for reading my blog… First thing to say is that this blog is primarily intended for me to try and keep track of things I’ve been to see and listen to, and to force me to try and think about things a little more intelligently. That concept doesn’t quite seem to be working, so far, so: if you’re angry or confused about something I’ve written: sorry. This started as a writing exercise, as a method of forcing myself to explore things a bit wider, but since then my ego seems to have taken over somewhat. Please don’t take my word for anything. In the first place, I started writing about everything I went to see, but then I realised that that took up too much time, so posting should be sporadic, fitting around other work commitments :) It will also depend on whether I took photos or not ;p

I am: A 23 year old post-grad student from the south of England… Complaints (over accuracy or taste) can be sent to me directly at

PS. Links in the blogroll are mostly there so that I don’t forget about them, and some of them aren’t actually working right now…